Physician-driven Emergency Medicine

A different experience.

Let’s be frank. The business of medicine has changed — a lot.

One plus? Physicians are no longer beholden to private practice, hospital employment or locum tenens work. Becoming part of a physician-driven practice like Carolina Care lets you do what you love while ensuring your livelihood.

Another plus? With support from Carolina Care, you’re assured a higher level of career satisfaction and quality of life that can help you practice longer. Many of our physicians enjoy working so much they’re able to double the average 11.5-year emergency medicine career.

Finally, we’ll help you achieve financial and tax benefits that can energize your earnings and give you a head start on saving more for the years ahead.

Healthcare is a business that doesn’t have your interest at heart. Be part of a practice that’ll have your back on day one.

Start exploring your options at Carolina Care. Let’s talk.